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Created especially for discussing all aspects of the crane world.


Use this opportunity to discuss any issue that you may have in mind whether you are not so skilled or you are an old hand, put your questions on the forums.


For the skilled:

First of all, please be patient and courteous towards the beginner after all you were in their position once! Your contributions to the forums are of the utmost importance after all if we do not receive your participation, there is no point to this web-site.

For the not so skilled: You may be a driver/operator having recently come through a training school and now out on your own for the first time. This is the place to be, pick up hints and tips from other experienced operators.


For the beginner: Browse through the pages and see how many different types cranes there are and attachments, maybe you would like to operate one in particular? This is the place to be. Find out about training, ask the experts and find the answer in the forums.

A message to all experienced operators/drivers:

This web-site has been created with the hope that it benefits all that use it. I have been operating cranes for over 25 years, crawler cranes, mobile telescopic and pedestal cranes. Just to give you some idea of my background and whilst I consider myself fairly experienced, I am not an expert, nor do I propose to be. With the limited skills that I have and resources at hand, I am sure that my contributions and advice can be added as the need arises.

If you are experienced on tower cranes, telescopic cranes, offshore cranes, gantry/overhead, crawler or any other lifting cranes, your participation would be gratefully acknowledged and received. Between us, I am sure we can help to make this industry more enjoyable and a safer workplace.


Thank you.



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All questions related to cranes/lifting etc, use the relevant forum/s


Please note: The web-site owner/co owners or any associates connected with this site, do not under any circumstances wish to undermine any governing body, establishment or authority/authorities whatsoever Our intentions are entirely honourable and only intend to assist, promote safety wherever possible and enhance the skills of the people within this industry.



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